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FANSO lithium manganese battery features(li-mno2 battery)

Battery principle :

Cathode: Li → Li+ +e-

        Anode: Mn+4O2+ Li+ +e- → Mn+3O2(Li+)

Total: Mn+4O2+ Li → Mn+3O2(Li+)

The OCV of li-mno2 battery 3.0V, stable discharging is one of the outstanding features.


Other features

1, Energy density

Lithium manganese dioxide battery voltage up to 3V, two times the ordinary battery, which means more power supply , less space and weight.

2, Discharge performance

Even after a long period of discharge, it still maintains a stable working voltage, which greatly improves the reliability of electrical appliances to achieve a good working without maintenance (no need to replace the battery).

3, Temperature characteristics

Application of good and conductivity organic electrolyte, the battery can normally work under -40 to 60 DEG C temperature, through a special process and formula, can also meet the -40 to 80 DEG C temperature requirements.

4, Leak proof performance

Reliable structure sealing and the use of high-quality electrical on positive and negative active substances, so that the battery has a good leak proof performance.

5, Operating characteristics

The organic matter and the role of lithium, forming a protective film on the surface of lithium anode, that is the reason why battery can last a long time with stable performance, coupled with the precision and reliability of the battery sealing structure and high stability of active substances, the battery annual self discharge volume rate can be controlled less than 2%.


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