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FANSO battery for 5G Network communication


The safety and stability of the FANSO battery is proved by:

1, Water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, heat meter transmission, with the support of 5G network, technical issues of NBIOT, LORA, SIGFOX for smart meter will be more efficient and more accurate.

2, GPS, as 5G network multi-site base, GPS signals become more real-time and spatial, you will not yourself.

3, Security monitoring, covering all private and public monitoring applications, the picture is clearer and more real-time.

4, Public services, street lights, pipes control, manhole covers, fire hydrants, etc.

5, Intelligent transportation, automatic driving, parking charges, charging piles, vehicle tracking;

Since the development of the 5G network, FANSO new ER34615H bobbin type lithium primary batteries can support 19Ah capacity with constant current over than 300ma, whatever the battery will be installed in vertical or horizon direction.

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