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FANSO new production line


On 1st, May, the Labor Day of 2019, Wuhan FANSO Technology Co., Ltd. fully automated lithium manganese battery production base has been constructedtested and inspected, will start mass production since today, lithium manganese soft-pack battery production capacity has been greatly improved.

The new production line has the following advantages:

1. Dust-free working room, strictly in accordance with 6S management to eliminate dust.

2, Mass production of 0.4mm ultra-thin soft-pack batteries can be widely used in various magnetic cards and wearing equipment.

3. High capacity, annual soft package capacity of 30000000pcs, FANSO primary lithium battery capacity expanded to 200 million units each year.


FANSO primary lithium battery is the best choice for the long-life power supply scheme in the Internet of Things industry.

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