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FANSO battery for Smart Sewer Cover


1, Society background

Because of the loss or opening of the sewer cover, it will bring danger to pedestrians or vehicles every year. In addition, the large number of sewer covers makes it difficult to obtain the real-time status of the sewer covers, so the digital real-time monitoring is particularly important. However, the environment of the sewer cover is very bad, high temperature, high humidity, and it is difficult to wiring, so the decisive factor of the project is whether the batteries can work well under different conditions with continuous and stable power supply. For above reason, Smart Sewer Cover real time monitoring is coming.


2, FANSO Battery choice

A, FANSO spiral battery parallel connection;

Capacity range: 1350mah to 13000mah;

Max continuous current: 100-1800ma;

Max pulse current: 400-3500ma;


B, FANSO bobbin battery with super capacitor;

Capacity range: 1200mah to 19000mah;

Max continuous current: 300-2000ma;

Max pulse current: 500-5000ma;


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