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Li-Socl2 lithium battery
3.6V high stable voltage
High energy density(700kw/kg)
Long shelf life(Self-discharge rate less than 1% at 25℃)
Stainless steel container and end caps
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Super Capacitor SLC1025 Model No:SLC1025 IEC Size: 1025 Voltage(V):3.65~3.95 Weight(g): Current(mAh\mA): 40 Max constant current(mA):1000mA Operate Temp.(℃):-40~+85 End voltage(V):2.5V
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Combination of battery and capacitor


1,Long life and high pulse together;

2, Sustainable big pulse;

3, Excellent performance at high/low temperature;

4, Good pulse capability;

5, No voltage delay;

6, High safety and reliability;

7, Long storage life and low self-discharge.



1, Data collector;

2, Emergency rescue system;

3, GPS;

4, RFID;

5, Remote wireless transmission system;

6, Communication equipment;

7, Cargo tracking.


Electrical performance(stored for one year at normal condition)

Capacity when charge to 3.65V(2.5V cut off)-------40mAH;

Capacity when charge to 3.95V(2.5V cut off)-------45mAH;

Needs: if discharged voltage is lower than 2.5V, the resistance of SLC1025 will increase.

Operating conditions

Max. continuous discharge current------1000mA;

Max. continuous pulse current------2000mA;

Max. charge voltage------3.95V;

Max. charge voltage------50mA;

Operating temperature range------ -40~+85’C;

Storage temperature range------ -40~+60’C;

ESR(AC) ------100mΩ;

Self discharge at RT------0.25μA;



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