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CP224147 of FANSO soft pack battery capacity test

The nominal voltage of lithium manganese battery is 3.0V, which is a little lower than 3.6V of lithium thionyl chloride, but it does not show hysteresis after storage. The common lithium manganese batteries on the market are usually column type (such as CR123A) or button type (such as CR2032). With the improvement of market demand, various shape customized and large capacitance single battery has been developed. Lithium manganese soft pack battery is the most typical one. At present, some community parking cards, school card, vehicle locator are using lithium manganese customized soft pack battery.
The cp224147 in this test is the most widely used battery, with an overall thickness of no more than 2.3mm. According to the official website of FANSO, it can discharge 800MAH capacity under the condition of 1mA continuous discharge to 1.8V, which is very suitable for some application scenarios with requirements on thickness and capacity. Three batches of batteries (batch No. 190301,190304,190309) were selected in the experiment. In order to obtain the results quickly, the battery was discharged at a high current constant current of 45mA at room temperature, which corresponds to the discharge characteristic diagram at 25 ℃ on the website of fuente cp224147, which is the black curve at the far left of the figure below. Normally, 600 MAH is required to reach the nominal capacity.
Since the cut-off voltage set by most terminal equipment is 2.0V, this test takes 2.0V as the cut-off voltage to measure the capacity.
1, Discharge curve of 190301 batch
According to the test results, 190301 batch of batteries were discharged to 2.0V at 45mA current, which took 16 hours and 34 minutes, and the discharge capacity was 743.8mah
2, Discharge curve of 190304 batch
According to the test results, the 190304 batch of batteries was discharged to 2.0V at 45mA current, which took 16 hours and 47 minutes, and the discharge capacity was 747.7mah 
3, Discharge curve of 190309 batch
 According to the test results, the 190309 batch of batteries was discharged to 2.0V at 45mA current, which took 16 hours and 35 minutes, and the discharge capacity was 750.1mah
Conclusion: the three cp224147 batteries tested have reached the capacity indicated on the official website. At present, many application projects of the Internet of things have tight requirements on the delivery date of soft pack batteries. However, due to the cumbersome process of soft pack batteries and the limited production capacity of various manufacturers, the projects can not quickly get qualified finished batteries. In order to alleviate this problem, FANSO has expanded a new automatic lithium manganese production base in 2019, which has been started on May 1 Labor Day, with an annual output of 30 million soft pack batteries. This is undoubtedly a good news for the end customers who need to customize the soft pack battery.


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