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Congratulate FANSO major upgrade on Li-Socl2 battery


Congratulate FANSO major upgrade on Li-Socl2 battery          

Nowadays, the primary lithium battery is widely used, and there is a big difference between actual product life and design life on power consumption and operating lifetime. In addition to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, there are two other factors related to the battery that are easily ignored.           

1. IQC and OQC inspection of batteries are vertically, The technicians or testers may not realize whether there is a difference in the capacity between these two directions,  especially obvious for the large size battery. In practical application, many batteries are not installed vertically. Fanso solves the problem of battery capacity difference between vertical and horizon.

2. Voltage lag is an inherent characteristic of lithium thionyl chloride battery. When the battery is not used for a long time, when the current is very small, or when the storage environment temperature is high, the starting voltage of the battery will be low, resulting in low voltage alarm failure of the equipment. Fanso has been focusing on the problem of voltage lag, and has made great progress through the exploration of passivation mechanism.           

3,  The problem of environmental adaptability is that the temperature and humidity of the battery can't be predicted completely when it is applied in practice. The battery with poor environmental adaptability has a large capacity attenuation, which will directly lead to the service life of the equipment can't reach the pre-designed life, and this potential problem can't be found through the factory or incoming inspection. Fanso, through technological innovation and improvement of production process, can well control the problem of large battery capacity drop.


After nearly 30 years of research and development, the scientific research team of Wuhan Fanso Technology Co., Ltd. has finally made a major breakthrough and completed the major upgrade of lithium Li-Socl2 batteries.

1, Battery capacity small difference between vertical and horizontal installation;

2, Short-circuit without any dangerous risk.

3, More compatible with different environment.

In order to meet the market demand, FANSO focused on the introduction of two battery models er26500h and er34615h after the major upgrade. After 85 ℃ continuous high temperature environmental test, the battery will not appear bulging phenomenon, and the safety can be seen.


Not only limited to bobbin batteries, Fanso has made a lot of improvement research and development tests on the spiral Li-Socl2 batteries with safety vent at the bottom of the products. At present, it focuses on the upgraded versions of er26500m and er34615m. After 3000 hours of high temperature and high humidity cyclic storage test, the battery shows higher reliability.          


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