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Fanso Li-socl2 battery waterproof


Since wide range of electrical appliances, humidity environment lead to battery lead corrosion, accelerating the battery self discharge, resulting in a series of adverse consequences.

Water is the ionic conductivity,  battery surface will form a layer of condensed water due to temperature changed, positive and negative pole will react electrolytic through this film of condensed water, the anode corrosion rust or solder joints rotten broken, battery cathode will produce hydrogen or deposition (from anode metal) and turn to green or white. If the battery is immersed in water, the electrolysis reaction is faster, so the battery used in this harsh environment should be waterproof treatment is very necessary.

The principle of water proof is to isolate the battery from moist air or water. General practice has;

1,Battery box of electric appliance is airtight and waterproof.

2.Battery waterproof, put battery "waterproof clothing". The electrolytic reaction occurred between the poles of a battery, as long as one electrode protected to prevent electrolytic reaction. if the battery materials (such as steel and iron) in the humid environment easily rust corrosion, then two electrode should be protected, the key is achieving reliable and long-lasting protection. FANSO water proof Li-scol2 battery has been immersed in water for 9years, and there is no obvious change in the battery performance.


Two matericals that Fanso li-socl2 battery used for waterproof

The battery using stainless steel and nickel belt can be waterproof only anode protected to prevent electrolytic reaction, normal water proof materials: epoxy resin, silicone.

The battery using nickel plated carbon steel, anode waterproof using epoxy resin, silica to prevent electrolytic reaction, negative using waterproof paint.

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