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Does the lithium battery run out of capacity?


Lisocl2 battery

Open circuit voltage of Lithium socl2 battery is high up to 3.65V even no capacity, we can only justify the running out of capacity by testing the load voltage below 2V, because electrolyte is a cathode active material.

As long as the load voltage continues to rise(time calculated in seconds or minutes),and eventually it can reach more than 3.1V. The battery may be qualified after activated.

Usually, when the lithium socl2 battery is delayed and retested, the load voltage will rise to about 2.8V. When the load rises to 3V, the load voltage will increase slowly.


Limno2 battery

The open circuit voltage > 3.15v, the battery is fresh and qualified product.

The open circuit voltage is 3.0-3.15v, the battery capacity has some loss, the batteries may be used, do not rule out a small amount of battery voltage is low, normal capacity problems.

The open circuit voltage is less than 3.0V, and the battery has basically no electricity (capacity has been exhausted by more than 70%). According to battery batch number, service life and bad quantity, it is initially estimated whether the capacity is depleted or the battery itself is a problem.




Li-Socl2 battery: If the open circuit voltage of lithium battery is not qualified, there is no electricity, but the open circuit voltage is not necessarily electric. It is necessary to detect the load voltage or capacity.

Lithium Mno2 battery: can judge whether it has been used by open circuit voltage.


- : Li - e =Li+

+ : 2SOCl2+ e = SO2+ S+4Cl-



- : Li=Li+ +e

+ : MnO2 +Li+ +e =MnO2(Li+


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