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FQA about batteries


1, What is the battery?

Batteries battery is a device for energy conversion and storage through transfer reaction or physical energy, which is a chemical power source, it consists of two kinds of electrochemical activity of different components, two electrodes immersed in the electrolyte provided as media conduction, when connected to a an external carrier, chemical conversion will take action to provide energy.

2, Battery classification

There are many kinds of batteries, the main batteries are dry batteries, lithium, batteries, etc, as well as small size batteries. In addition, there are metal air batteries, fuel cells and other energy conversion cells such as solar cells, thermoelectric cells, nuclear batteries, etc..

3, What are the similarities and differences between primary battery and secondary two battery?

Primary battery discharge only once, secondary battery charge and discharge cycle repeatedly, Capacity of primary battery is higher than secondary battery, but inner resistor is also bigger,

4, What is the rated capacity of the battery?

Refers to a certain discharge conditions, the battery discharge to the cut-off voltage.

5, What is the open circuit voltage?

Refers to the battery in the non working state that no current flows through the circuit, the difference between the positive and negative electrode of the battery.

6, what is the working voltage?

The voltage difference between positive and negative when current flow through the circuit, when the internal current flows through the battery, the battery does not need to overcome the resistance caused by the resistance, so the working voltage is always lower than the open circuit.

7, What is the self discharge rate?

The ability to maintain the capacity under open circuit state, effected by manufacturing process, materials, storage conditions and other factors.

8, Why the battery should be stored for a period of time before the packaging shipment?

Battery storage performance is an important parameter to measure the stability of battery. After a certain period of time storage and allow the battery internal resistance changes. After a period of storage, the internal components of the electrochemical performance can be stabilized, you will know the self discharge performance of the battery to ensure the quality of the battery.

9. What is the load capacity of the battery?

When the positive and negative electrodes of the battery are connected with the electric appliance, the output power of the utility model is the load capacity of the battery when the electric appliance is used.

10, Battery storage conditions?

According to the IEC standard, the battery should be stored at a temperature of 20+-5 and humidity (65-+20)%. Generally speaking, the higher the storage temperature, the lower the residual capacity.

11, What is the short circuit to battery?

The short circuit may bring the consequences of different severity. Such as: electrolyte temperature rise, the internal pressure rise, if the air pressure value exceeds the battery cap pressure value, the battery will leak. This is a serious damage to the battery. If the safety valve failure, and even cause an explosion. Do not short-circuit the battery.

12. What is the possible cause of the zero voltage or low voltage?

The battery suffer external short circuit, over charge or compulsory discharge)

The high rate of large current battery overcharge, lead battery cathode expansion, direct contact short circuit.

The internal short circuit. such as positive and negative pole piece burr penetrating diaphragm paper contact short circuit, positive and negative pole pieces caused by the improper placement of electrode contact short circuit, or the anode contact steel shell short circuit, negative feed off paper diaphragm, diaphragm paper has defects, the positive pole ear contact negative electrode short circuit.

13 What are the possible causes of zero or low voltage in the battery pack?

Whether a single zero voltage battery.

The plug short circuit, open circuit, and the plug connection is weak

Wire and battery sealing off,.

The internal battery connection error, the connection between the film and the battery leakage welding, welding, welding etc.

The battery internal connection of electronic components is not correct, damage



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