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Attention of lithium metal battery using


when using the lithium battery, especially the lithium primary metal battery , such as lithium thionyl chloride (lisocl2) battery, lithium manganese dioxide (limno2) battery, there are 9 terms that the users need pay attention to:


1, Read the instructions carefully before using and consult the dealer to know how properly use the battery;

2, In accordance with the electrical instructions and safety install batteries in the electric appliances in the right place;

3, Forbidden to use old and new batteries or batteries of different types;

4, Forbidden to charge a primary battery;

5, No heating or dismantling the battery, even put the battery in water and fire;

6, Forbidden short circuit of the battery, which may case battery explosion, leakage or other dangerous cause;

7, If the battery is abnormal, such as smell, leakage, rupture and deformation of the battery shell, please stop using immediately;

8, Put the battery on the place children can not reach;

9, If electrical appliances were not used for a long time, should remove the battery from the appliance, put in dry and cool place.

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