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Li-socl2 battery passivation


1, Lisocl2 battery features:

Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery as a modern power source for intelligent instrument (intelligent water, electricity, gas, heat meter) with the unique advantages of Li-socl2 batteries such as high working voltage, stability and high temperature use range, high energy density, long shelf life, no pollution.

2, Why Passivation?

But the passivation is a shortcoming. The reason is the dense lithium chloride film on the positive electrode surface formed, which certain extent slowed down the rapid reaction, in conclusion: the longer storage time, the higher storage temperature , the layer thickness of membrane.

3, Effect of passivation:

Since the lithium chloride film is an ionic conductor, and does not conduct electrons, the battery passivation must be eliminated before renew current discharge to ensure high working voltage output. Firstly the voltage dropped as larger internal resistance, then the voltage transient time decreases when the electric appliance or resistance is connected. A few seconds later the voltage is rising. This is a normal phenomenon, do not worry about whether the battery is no electricity. This is the characteristic of the Li-socl2 battery.

4, Principle of improve:

Add some higher activity additives to the battery to avoid the film, the battery will be highly active state for a long time which may make very high self-discharge rate, then the capacity and life will be shortly run out. So the passivation film has two sides, if users should communicate with factory correctly, it is not a problem.

5, Methods of eliminate:

There are three ways to reduce the passivation of Li-socl2 battery:

1), Periodic discharge method.

2), resistance activation method, the use of the corresponding equivalent to the maximum current value of electrical discharge.

3), Parallel connect a li-ion capacitor, and the high current can be discharge at any time.

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