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Fanso lisocl2 battery with super capacitor calculation


Super capacitor capacity calculation

Comparing with battery, super capacitors are larger and expensive. But why choose super capacitor?

Advantages of super capacitor:

1, no need circuit protection circuit, no constant charging current limited, compatible with solar charger;

2, good using environment;

3, low maintenance cost.


The following is a formula for calculating the equivalent battery capacity of ultracapacitor, which can be referenced in the design. 

In the application of super capacitor, many users have encountered the same problem---how to calculate the time of the super capacitor charging at a certain current? or according to the discharge current and the discharge time, how to choose the super capacitor capacity? Below give the formula, you can simply calculate for capacitance, the discharge current and the discharge time.  

C (F): nominal capacity of a supercapacitor;

R(Ohms): capacitor internal resistance;

  ESR(Ohms):1KZ equivalent series resistance;

  Vwork(V):work voltage;

  Vmin(V):end voltage;

  t(s):required constant working time;

  Vdrop(V):voltage release;

  I(A):load current;

       Refer formula

  Required energy= Capacity release of capacitor;

       Required energy =1/2I(Vwork+Vmin)t;

  Capacity release of capacitor =1/2C(Vwork2-Vmin2);

  Then we can get the capacity(ignore the voltage release on IR);


  Eg:if using capacitor to make 100ma current, last 10seconds, end current 2.0V, the suggested super capacitor value as:

  Start voltage Vwork=5V

  End voltage Vmin=4.2V

  Last time=10s

  Work current=0.1A

  Required capacitor capacity:




  Above data just for reference, actually parameter depends on device and environments.

We suggest you using FANSO lisocl2 battery with super capacitor for your device to make it longer and stable.


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