FANSO Holds Publication and Implementation Conference of Two Industry Standards



On April 19, FANSO as the initiator and main drafter held publication and implementation conference of two industry standards Li-MnO2 Pouch Cells and High Temperature Lithium Primary Batteries.

 Attendees included experts from China battery industry association, institute of chemical power sources, national technical committee 176 on primary battery of standardization administration of China, and representatives of lithium primary battery manufacturers.

The main task of the conference was to publicize and train on naming rules, performance test methods and standards so as to implement the two standards successfully, which were completed by Mr. Zhou Jun and Mr. Zhu Zhigang, technical engineers from FANSO R&D Center.

FANSO has been specializing in lithium primary battery industry for 21 years, insisting on “Innovation drives development”, continuously increasing input in battery research. As a  holder of 40+ patents and drafter of 8 standards, FANSO makes important contributions to development of Chinese lithium primary battery technology. Issuance an implementation of these two standards fully proves FANSO’s capability. In the future we sticks to continuously innovation, to realize infinite possibilities of lithium batteries and smart life.